The Yamino Story

I first fell in love with Roman pizza a couple years ago when i was learning Italian in Perugia with my now wife. It was from our trips to Rome that I was exposed to the art of pizza al taglio. It was where I had my first bite and felt that crunch. I never looked back!

Ben adding some toppings to a Roman Pizza

Ben adding some toppings to a Roman Pizza

An interest quickly became an obsession. I left my steady job of over 12 years in the film industry to pursue my new found passion for Roman pizza.

I had my work cut out for me. Long days and nights of trying to work it all out on my own was a challenge to say the least, but with persistence and hard work along with help from my amazing friends and family I managed to bring it all together.

Ben checking on the pizzas in the oven

Ben checking on a pizza in the oven

We carefully sourced the right flour from Ancona in Italy and invested in the highest quality Castelli ovens from Rome (which my dad lugged back to Brighton in his van!) He also helped me decorate the space and built the stunning counter that showcases the pizza so nicely. My cousin is the head baker, my wife and my sisters are helping with the front of house and one of my best mates is helping with the food and his brother built the website! Sounds like it's a family business!

The view from the restaurant

The view from the restaurant

Yamino is all about quality and trying to deliver the best product we can at all times. The craft that goes into each slice is unparalleled and we hope the proof's in the pizza.

We welcome you to join us for a slice or two.

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